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We now have a extensive Tropical Department with new deliveries of fish coming in twice a week.

We have on show some Aquarium tanks from different manufactures such as Jewell, Aquaell, Eheim and stock food and treatments from Tetra, Interpet, King British, API
Over 35 years experience in aquarium manufacturing. The most advanced production facilities. Made to the highest certificated standards. Our beautiful aquariums show that the welfare of your fish is our first concern.
Hydor has been producing a comprehensive range of equipment for aquariums and ponds since 1984 and offers the best in high-technology for the creation of a living ecosystem at home.
Eheim produce for everyone, from novices to professional aquarists and for customers who set the highest standards both for themselves and for their aquarist hobby.
Interpet have been one of the leading manufacturers in aquarium products now for nearly 50 years. They offer a good range of equipment and preparations beneficial to fish keepers, and of course more importantly to the fish themselves.
King British
King British aquarium water treatments have been scientifically developed over three decades of professional fish keeping. A comprehensive range of technically excellent formulations are available for managing both water quality and fish health.
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has been helping people take good care of ornamental fish for over 40 years.  In 2005, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. became the new API brand.  While we have retained our superior product quality, we have packaged it in an exciting new way.  Many of our bottles now have a sleek, rounded style and feature a convenient, new dosing cap.  We are also rolling out a distinctive, new blue and white API logo, which will appear on all of our product packaging.  This will make it easy to find Stress Coat, Stress Zyme, Melafix and all of your favorite API products

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